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Helical Piers Installation in Pueblo West, CO

Helical piers can be used in both new construction or to eliminate settlement issues on existing structures built on poor soils. Helical Piers can be found in residential and commercial sites, and are used to transfer loads from unstable soil near surface to deeper, more suitable load bearing soils. Helical Piers can also be found in use with lighting poles, bridges, self-supporting tower foundations, tension for tieback retaining walls and in compression for repairing building settlement.

Utility Projects

With all of our amazing technology the towers and other structures needed to support these systems are often supported by Helical Piers. The Helical Piers Systems Colorado Grouting specializes in is an environmentally friendly cost effective solution to unstable or poor soils that may be of concern in these areas.
Helical Piers - Mud jacking in Pueblo, CO
Colorado Grouting dedicated to geotechnical specialty work for over 42 years! Proudly offers our clients only the best tools, technology and expertise needed to solve these geological soil issues. Having provided services for multiple utility projects and working with numerous structural engineers, Colorado Grouting striving toward perfection stands behind all products and services being offered by our company.

Structural Repair

Structural foundation inspection is very important! While in many case Compaction Grouting or Mud jacking may be sufficient in raising the structure back to engineered position. Helical Piers may also be used to stabilize and transfer the structure's integrity to a more suitable, deeper load bearing soil. Colorado Grouting generally is able to install the piers externally although in some cases may need to install from internal location to ensure exact placement of piers.

New Construction

Yes, new construction Helical Piers can be used not only a geotechnical tool in correcting settlement issues in existing structures. But also a cost effective alternative to your traditional "Foundation". Many who are building on areas known to have settlement issues or poor soils, have chosen to install a Helical Pier Foundation System, rather than your traditional foundation to avoid future problems and/or foundation repair due to settlement issues. Colorado Grouting specializes in the MacLean/Dixie Helical Pier Systems for commercial and residential, i.e., foundations, tiebacks and numerous other applications.